14 Boxes. That is how many I shipped out here. Essentially my life fit in 14 boxes, two suitcases and a dog kennel (If you don’t count the stuff I’m storing in Krikels basement).

A brief rundown of the first few days:

Day 1: Try and calm down a pug that isn’t really a fan of flying, attempt to adjust to time change

Day 2: Interview

Day 3:  Get offered the job, do a serious happy dance and realize that I won’t be burning through savings and spending 8 hours a day looking for work.  An hour later be disappointed to learn that I gave ups the wrong zip code and the majority of my worldly possessions are floating somewhere around California. Find some relief in the fact that they should arrive Monday (it’s Friday).  Try not to think about my poor lovely pots and pans feeling lonely and abandoned in card board boxes.

Day 4: Realize that I have packed up my life, moved across the country without a job, interviewed for a job, gotten a job…all in the span of a few weeks.  Sleep. Soundly.

all packed up, safe and sound.

all packed up, safe and sound.