It’s raining. Again.

Not that I don’t appreciate the rain, it means that I get to wear my super cute and fun purple rain boots.

Who doesn't love polka dots?

However,  it can be a bit much trudging through the rain to the train, not to mention the already questionable smell of the BART becomes substantially worse when mixed with water. On the plus side it washes away some of the pee smell from outside of the BART station, which is nice.

I wish this were the kind of city where you could carry a lovely and dainty umbrella, something fun and cheery, something that looks like it was plucked from a tropical mixed drink. But alas the wind won’t allow for it. Instead something substantial that won’t turn inside out when the breeze blows is much more practical, at least if you want to arrive where you are headed dry.

I certainly wouldn’t complain if I had the Moschino trench coat the Darryl Hannah wore in Kill Bill:

Looking dangerous...

That seems like a fashionable way to stay dry (she can keep the eye patch).

The rainy season isn’t going anywhere, but I’m going to attempt to channel spring and make it hurry up a bit by getting a nice pedicure with my new color obsession “Suzi Says Feng Shui”

Hello spring!!

At some point the rainboots will go back in the closet and my toes will actually make an appearance.  Hopefully I won’t drown first.