My California Drivers License arrived in the mail over the weekend, officially ending my spree of decent looking drivers license photos.  For the next 4 years people will think I’m a linebacker.

Getting said license was a pretty big adventure. Nothing is quite as surreal as taking a written test with a bunch of 16 year-olds and actually having a moment of thinking that you just might not pass. Because really, who the hell knows the weight limit for a child in a car seat, or the proper etiquette for crosswalks for blind people? My theory is, you do your best not to run anyone over and stop at red lights. Problems solved.  But I passed.  I kept my fingers crossed the entire time the lady was grading it.

I’m now a registered California voter, and in addition I’ve signed up for Zip Car, meaning I have access to vehicles on those rare occasions I might need one.  Perhaps best of all….. NERD ALERT…I now have a library card.  That’s right, I can now check out unlimited numbers of books  C.D.’s and periodicals!

How does one celebrate such accomplishments? Why with cupcakes and a little light shopping of course! I finally bit the bullet and purchased the parchment paper. Behold, the answer to my cake sticking woes:

I'm not sure it gets more exciting than this!

I know that seems more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but I rounded it out with a electronic thermometer (gasp!) and a new dress from Nordstrom’s Rack (It’s dangerous DANGEROUS that this exists so close to my house).

The dress is more for the spring, so I had to immediately use my other new purchases (instant gratification and all that). So one of this weeks new recipes?

Peppermint Patties!

This is all you need to take one bite and feel like you are skiing in the Alps.

Blah blah blah, I know I’ve said I don’t like sweets, and it’s true, but peppermint patties are GOOD!

Creating the lucious filling went swimmingly:


I cut them into lovely patties:

So far so good!

And then everything went to hell. It could be because I made a recipe change from dark chocolate to milk chocolate, but they went downhill.  I’m attempting more tomorrow, without taking liberties.

Full disclosure: I ate some of the filling and it is delicious!!!!