Things are moving a little bit slowly this Monday. I haven’t really been able to wake up all day. Unfortunately this isn’t due to a wild and crazy weekend, but rather the fact that I’ve given up soda. I don’t know that this abstention from the bubbly sugary goodness is permanent, but for now I’m on the Dr. Pepper wagon. I haven’t had a soda for a few days, and with the exception of this morning the only time it has been really awful was when I was gobbling up a popcorn (with butter and salt of course!) at Shutter Island on Saturday.

The popcorn was certainly delightful, and the movie was better than I expected as well. While on the topic of movies, I still haven’t made it any closer to my goal to see all of the best picture nominees. Blame it on laziness.  I’ve also had 500 days of summer checked out for about 2 weeks now, and for the life of me I can’t force myself to sit through it. I just can’t get into it (Although in all fairness this could be due to the fact that I really love the streaming netflix and all of the options it gives you).

I’ve  tried two new recipes in the past two days, and I must say that so far Paula Deen is kind of failing me.  In all fairness the two recipes that I have picked out of the book so far have had zero prep time, but I still haven’t been overly impressed. On the plus side, even when my food doesn’t look/taste that great, my apron is always cute. Behold:

Yep, those are cherries!

I LOVE my retro cherries apron.  I mean look at it, it even has BOWS!  All I need is to vacuum in heals and pearls and it’s the 50’s.

Unfortunately, I don’t just have the apron because it’s cute.  I can kind of be a messy cook, so it’s kind of a necessity.  Besides which, cooking is kind of like everything else, buying/using the gear is half the fun!