A wise man once said, “You’ve got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and know when to run”. Okay, so maybe not a wise man, but a man who had a successful singing career, a chain of chicken restaurants baring his name and in more recent years some really unfortunate plastic surgery.

In all honesty, the quote has very little do with anything, but who doesn’t love to quote Kenny Rogers? The point of the matter (yes I do have a point) is that sometimes you have to go all in. Take an idea and run with it.

You may recall that a few months ago I was lamenting the difficulties of meeting people in the city. My plan was to search high and low for groups as a way to meet people. I was even having a bit of trouble finding groups (or at least groups that would have me as a member). I put all my cards on the table and started to respond to anything that sounded remotely interesting.  The tide has certainly changed. I am now in SEVEN book clubs.

I think this might have gotten a little bit out of hand.

I have a logical explanation. The group I joined when I first got here disbanded after one meeting. So with that as precedent, I figured that I might as well join a bunch because I might not like one of the groups, or one might fizzle out. So far I’ve met with three of the groups and I really like all three. This is kind of turning into an embarrassment of riches. A few of the remaining 4 had better be duds, or I’m going to have zero life outside of reading!  And don’t think I haven’t considered swaying the votes to see if I could get several groups to read the same book, it has occurred to me.

My worst nightmare is that there is going to be a common thread in the groups. Like in Fight Club when Marla starts showing up at all the same support groups as the narrator? Someone is going to be at all of the same bookclubs and know that I’m a member of entirely too many of these things (though they will be too), and that I’m essentially shopping for the club I like best.

Seriously, If I end up liking all of these people and none of the groups fizzle my calendar and my kindle are going to become a nightmare!