Have you heard about Swirl? It’s Daily Candy’s sample sale site. They email you info about limited time sales from various designers.  They have had some really cute stuff with a great selection, and it doesn’t all seem to sell out as quickly as the other sites (I’m looking at you Idelli).  Anyway, a few weeks ago I ordered a fantastic pair of jeans, not only are they really cute, they were disturbingly cheap (60 bucks, orginally 180. Seriously. I don’t remember the last time I’ve purchased a pair of jeans that fit properly for less than 100 bucks.  Reason 101 it sucks to be nearly 5’10).

I do a lot of online shopping. While I love it,  I like the small touches you get from shopping.  The instant gratification, the fun bags,  the ability to try things on.  But Swirl has managed to bring a little charm to the otherwise sterile online shopping experience. Look at how cute their packaging is:

Okay, so the packaging isn’t the only awesome part. The jeans are super cute too. Check out these buttons: