Things I want

I am a newbie at the whole commuting thing. Up until moving to SF I had always just hopped in the car and driven to work.  I love the fact that I can take public transportation.  It is so much less stress (despite the sometimes unpleasant odors) and it frees up time in my day to read. Pretty much a win-win in my book.  But it appears that my day-day routine requires a large amount of “stuff”.

Maybe requires isn’t the right word. Maybe it’s that I’ve accumulated a weird attachment to a great deal of stuff that has found a home in my handbag. Either way, I find myself toting two bags back and forth with me twice a day.

Bag one, my handbag. It should be noted that this is the largest handbag I can recall carrying.  And it’s pretty full.   Some might refer to it as luggage. Inside is my wallet, a cosmetics pouch, sunglasses, an umbrella, hairbrush, handsanitizer, a fold up wholefoods reusable bag (in case I stop someplace for grocerys).  None of this seems particularly excessive, although I could cut down on a few of the lip glosses, in all honesty it’s not like they are taking up a ton of room.

The next bag contains my lunch, my nalgene, a book or kindle, and my ipod. Some days I bring shoes with me to work, if the heels I’m wearing aren’t comfortable enough for the walk to the BART. Yes, that is a lot of crap. But it appears to be NECESSARY crap.  Two bags feels like a lot to be carting around.

I’m looking for a new spring/summer everyday bag. I would rather not carry a huge bag.  My boyfriend suggested a messenger bag or a backpack, but to be honest with you I always associate those with laptops, college classes and bike messengers.  The other problem? I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel about not carrying a handbag to work.  So I need your help!

Where can I find a nice bag that I could carry to work that still looks professional and chic (it would help if it didn’t break the bank either)?  Should I just bite the bullet and continue to carry big purses, or get a small purse and up the size of my lunch bag? Am I totally misguided in my distaste for the messenger bag? I’m hoping there are some public transit pros out there who can lead me in the right direction!


Spring will be here soon. I repeat Spring WILL be here soon (that extra reassurance is for those of you who live in places where it snows and are currently buried under inches/feet of the stuff).

Spring here is certainly going to be different than what I’m used to, as is summer. Because Summer doesn’t exist here.

Summer SHOULD be high 90’s, high humidity, low energy, and very little clothing.

Summer here is cold, layers and in general winter with less rain.  If last August is any indication I will be wearing a light sweater and dreaming of my sundresses.

This lack of warm weather presents another conundrum. Usually in the summer I wear body sprays, as its too freaking hot and humid for perfume. You just end up overwhelming everyone around you. You need something lighter and less severe when it’s 101.

But that won’t happen here, so conceivably I could actually find a new summer scent. I’m a big believer in switching up scents for the seasons. I’m one of those people who are more likely to associate a smell with a memory than a sight. Certain smells are more sweaters and crisp air than flip flops and sunscreen.

So I want something that smells like summer.

My cold weather fragrances are Chanel 22 and Coco (also Chanel)

22 is a bit tricky. It takes awhile to warm up and it’s a scent that kind of grows on you (it smells best after you’ve had it on for about an hour). It isn’t all that popular and is only carried at Chanel boutiques. It’s a mixture of Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, and Rose.

Coco is much more popular and smells great immediately (though is less complex than 22). It’s supposed to be (according to Chanel) a mixture of Angelica, Mimosa, Frangapani and Mandarin. Yum.

I want something that smells clean, light, not too powdery and not overly sweet. I’m going to start looking.