I don’t know that I’ve addressed it here, but I seriously LOVE my kindle. Like enough that I want to marry it. Which would probably be a little bit difficult because I married Mountain Dew in 4th grade, and while we’ve been separated for awhile, I’ve never actually gotten a divorce.  I know that seems a little sleazy, but I’ve got a friend who married a baseball card in 3rd grade, and he’s been dating other women ever since. Scumbag.

Anyway, back to my Kindle love.

I never have to carry around heavy books. If that isn’t a reason to write love notes I’m not sure what is. I take the train to work everyday, so this is kind of a big deal.  In addition to the ability to hold thousands of books that I’ll never need to carry, it’s also saving me from walking funny due to a bum shoulder from carrying books in my handbag. Yeah, I’ve caught myself giving sympathetic glances to the people on the train lugging 400 page books. But certainly not in a smug way!

New releases are $9.99. Okay, blessing and a curse. I used to go to the libarary a lot more, so I’m not actually sure if I can point to any real cost savings. But still!! Other people are spending 23 bucks for hardbacks! No, we won’t mention the initial cost of the device, I’m sure I will have made up for that in book prices in the next few months.  So if you are debating one, make the move. I  haven’t had a moments regret.

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Taking Woodstock

The Recipe Club: A tale of Food and Friendship

With all the reading I’m doing for the 5 bookclubs I’ve joined (Whoops! Am I over doing it?), I’m getting behind on my DVR. So I caught up on Project Runway this evening. Ummm,  hello??? Ping’s model struts down the runway with her ass on display (not to mention last weeks disaster. Seriously, that outfit is what I look like when I stumble out of bed with a hangover and get caught up in my sheets), and she is STILL here? Oh Heidi, you disappoint me.